Strawberry Pancake Sauce

frozen-strawberry-jamI suppose this recipe is more of a sauce than a jam because it is prepared in a sauce pan. Either way, I use it to dress up pancakes. It tastes delicious, it’s gluten-free, and it’s safe to eat if you have allergies due to artificial ingredients. I use all organic ingredients, for the sake of my health. Organic ingredients, prepared at home assure me there are no artificial food colorings, no GMO ingredients, no preservatives, and no harmful substances or dangerous chemicals.* Just pure, clean, real food that is genuinely healthy and nutritious for the body.

Make as much or little as you prefer. This recipe can be doubled and tripled. I like to make about four small containers and freeze some to heat and serve at a future time.

Recipe for Freezer Strawberry Sauce


1 cup strawberries (stems removed, berries washed, and diced)
1 tsp organic, unpasteurized honey**
pinch of sea salt


Simmer in a saucepan for about five minutes — not too long, or the berries will discolor. Serve immediately or cool to freeze in containers. I use small containers (4 oz/118 mL) because there are only two people in our family.



* Harmful substances or chemicals that degrade the quality of your food include pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers.
** You could substitute sugar instead of honey, but make sure it is organic, otherwise be aware the bulk of sugar in stores these days is genetically modified (GMO).


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