Favorite Greek Salad

I don’t know who else eats Greek salad the way I eat Greek salad — with lettuce. While I have been served awesome Greek salad on a bed of lettuce on occasion, I prefer my lettuce chopped up and mixed in with all the other wonderful ingredients. Ever since I visited Athens (yes, the one in Greece) I have been a huge fan of Feta cheese. Of course, when I’m at home I always get to prepare a salad just the way I like it, and with all-organic ingredients, so that makes it much more special — and healthy besides. I only know of two restaurants that serve organic food in the city where we live, and they are both a long way from home. As a result, we don’t go out that often to restaurants anymore, except for special occasions. Funny thing is, I don’t miss not eating out. Just knowing that the food served in most restaurants is “conventional” meaning it could have pesticides and/or herbicides all over it like some strange dressing, makes it easy to say goodbye to eating out. At least I know the food I serve lovingly to myself is minus toxins. So now, let’s get to the part about how I make my favorite Greek Salad.

Satinka's Favorite Greek Salad made with all organic ingredients

Satinka’s Favorite Greek Salad


2 leaves of lettuce, broken into bite-sized chunks
1 Roma Tomato, cubed
½ Field cucumber, peeled and cubed
¼ Sweet pepper, seeds removed, cubed
1 slice Spanish onion (sweet), chopped
1 slice Feta Cheese, cubed
6 Olives (stuffed with garlic), cut in half
Juice of half a lemon
Shake of oregano, parsley, and basil to taste
Shake of sea salt to taste
Drizzle with organic Olive Oil


As I cut up all ingredients, I just add them onto my plate. Nevertheless, since this recipe can be doubled, tripled, and otherwise multiplied to serve friends and loved ones, ingredients may be mixed in a bowl. The other great thing about preparing your own food in your own home is that you get to choose how much of each ingredient you favor. This recipe can be adjusted easily to suit your own food preferences.

My Greek Salad goes superbly with my husband’s Paleo Greek-style Baked Chicken, coming soon! Besides the great food duo, I must say my partner and I make a great team in our own right. 😉




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