Aphrodites Organic Delights Cafe and Pie Shop

Aphrodite's Organic Delights Cafe and Pie ShopFood fit for the goddess this restaurant is named for, here is a favorite place to go for special occasions to indulge in all possible organic delights. Local, organic, in-season, Aphrodite’s takes pride in serving the finest local organic food available in Vancouver. They aim to work directly with local organic farms to ensure that their menu has the smallest ecological footprint possible. They are open for brunch, lunch, or dinner, seven days a week ā€” and make sure to leave room for dessert ā€” choose from their selection of over 14 famous organic pies or cakes! Aphrodite’s is undeniably most famous for their pies. We always order a pie for take-out when we leave after a meal. Their fruit and cream pies are made from all organic ingredients including local organic fruits and berries. They also have organic wheat and gluten-free and vegan pies for those with special dietary requirements. This is a licensed restaurant, which means organic liquor is served here as well. Treat your god and goddess self at Aphrodite’s soon!

Visit Aphrodite’s website and read more!

Watch Aphrodite’s short video on YouTube.

More organic restaurants are coming all the time and I’ll keep you posted as I discover them!


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