Eternal Abundance Cafe

Review of Eternal Abundance Cafe
Occasionally I hear objections to our eating strictly organic food such as, “Well, don’t you get tired of cooking from scratch?” Yes. I admit that at times I want a break from the kitchen. Then of course, most naturally I would only wish to eat at an organic restaurant. For a long time I didn’t know any place like that existed — which is why I was so happy when we discovered this cafe. Eternal Abundance does indeed claim to serve organic food, as stated on their website banner: “All Organic Vegan Grocery and Cafe.” It’s on their posters in the cafe, as well. Their homepage says:

“Eternal Abundance is Vancouver’s only all organic, vegan, and gluten-free grocery market and cafe located in the heart of Commercial Drive. We offer healthy, entirely plant-based foods like fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, herbs, spices, superfoods, cacao, sweeteners, teas, oils, baking ingredients, books and DVDs, and more. We source as close to home as possible, and from small local businesses that demonstrate high integrity in their sourcing and business practices. In the cafe you’ll find a wide variety of raw and cooked vegan options that are made in small batches and assembled to order. Enjoy a fresh juice or smoothie, salad, raw wrap, burger, pasta, or dessert; daily soup, chili, or grain bowl! Occasionally we host cooking classes, documentary screenings and expert talks on health and well-being, social justice issues, and the environment.”

Very tasty food, beautifully presented. My salad was topped with live sprouts. I ordered the Raw Slaw, containing green and purple cabbage and carrot tossed with my choice of miso ginger dressing or creamy tera dressing. I went for the miso ginger dressing and I do believe I made the right choice. Tastiest coleslaw I ever had — even better than mine! I’ve been wondering ever since whether a hit of ginger in the dressing would have the same effect in my slaw recipe.

My partner chose the Falafel, a delicious combination of sprouted beans, macadamia, walnuts, herbs and spices; topped with cucumber, tomato, shredded carrots, and sprouts, drizzled with sour cream. Yum, his choice is certainly appealing to me now, even as I write about it.

We both enjoyed a hot cup of Hibiscus tea and watched the people go by on the sidewalk.

The staff at Eternal Abundance is very pleasant. Coming soon will be profiles of each staff member. The “feel” of the place is relaxing and hospitable, like community.

I find it intriguing how we “stumbled” onto this cafe. Not necessarily surprising, though, because I have been thinking lately how nice it would be if we could find a pleasant and trustworthy place to eat out on occasion, organically. I have been noticing how easily I manifest when I think “wouldn’t it be nice if…” from a place of imagining how good it would feel. As it turns out, I have been experiencing synchronicity around the entire subject of healthy eating. Recently, I watched a video about the Hippocrates Health Clinic and was very impressed to see the success this clinic was having in treating all kinds of health issues, including cancer, by simply eating healthy. Next thing I knew, we found this Eternal Abundance cafe. And the very next thing I discovered was that Dr. Brian Clement, who appears on the cafe website, is none other than a co-director of the Hippocrates clinic. When I see synchronicities like this occurring, then I know my inner guidance has been leading me. It’s a feeling of utter peace, calmness, and full trust. I can’t describe it better than that. It’s an inner knowing. If you experience synchronicities in your life, you would understand what I mean. It’s really exciting when you realize you are in the midst of a manifestation of your fondest wish. In my case, it was a quest for a real organic restaurant!


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