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Is Soy a Health Food?

Fermented Soy is the only safe kind of soy to be eating.Yes, it’s true that soy has been heavily promoted by Monsanto’s scientists to some of the healthiest people on the planet: vegetarians. Unfortunately, I personally know several vegetarians whose health degraded severely after eating soy religiously. My daughter, as a baby drank soy formula and reacted badly. She vomited everything up within five minutes. Her body completely rejected soy as food. To be fair, she rejected pasteurized milk as food, too. I honestly don’t know how she survived those first several months of life — she had so many health problems. Sadly, there are scientific tests done to prove — and disprove — what Monsanto’s paid scientists — all who sign their names to pre-written papers claim is true.

Again, to be fair, most of the soy is now genetically modified. If we eat the organic soy, perhaps we can avoid all the problems that result from eating the genetically-modified type. I find the arguments on both sides lead to much confusion. Dis-infomation is rampant.

On the one hand here is a negative report about eating non-organic, genetically-modified soy where the following is said:
– Soy promotes development of dangerous blood clots.
– Soy depresses thyroid function.
– Soy prevents absorption of nutrients.
– Soy mimics/blocks hormone production. Even 2 glasses a day of soy milk will alter a woman’s menstrual cycle.
_ Soy can cause men to grow breasts.
– Soy causes infertility.
– Soy promotes breast cancer.
– Soy in the marketplace is almost 100 percent genetically modified, unless organic. Even so, organic soy is not recommended as food.
– Soy crops are heavily sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, unless organic. Again, not recommended as food.
– Soy in the diet causes brain damage.
– Soy causes infant abnormalities.
– Soy contributes to the production of painful kidney stones.
– Soy contributes to impairment of the immune system.
– Soy is the cause of severe, potentially fatal food allergies.
– Soy is dangerous to pregnant and nursing mothers.

It’s a long list of negatives, is it not?

On the other hand, here is a Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine Report (PCRM) known to favor eating soy, stating there is only danger if you overeat.

According to some schools of thought, in today’s western diet, people may be eating up to 35 grams of soy a day. Japanese people eat only about 8 grams a day of the safe kind — fermented soy, preferably organic.

Take into consideration, too that non-GMO is not the same as organic because non-GMO can be heavily sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers. Clearly, un-natural products on your food could potentially degrade one’s health.

It is very important to learn the truth about our food. Sadly, mostly everything that we have been taught — by our governments and the corporations that run them — are lies. Most unfortunately, all these so-called “authentic studies” leave me more confused than ever.

Personally, I have decided to eat as little soy as possible until I get clear in my own mind which side of the soy issue to believe. In the meantime, most importantly, I only eat organic soy because I do strongly believe that genetically-modified foods are harmful to bodily health. At least that part of the food riddle is clear to me.

You may wish to weigh in and decide for yourself about your personal preferences. I trust the information provided here is helpful. Feel free to leave a comment below.