I find it so interesting that humans are the only species on the planet who are compelled to pay for their food and their home. Birds and animals don’t pay rent or buy food, yet they always have a home. Unfortunately, they sometimes get into toxic food, as shown by the many birds that have fallen from the skies in recent years. The bees and earthworms are suffering decline in their numbers. As well, many species are now extinct.

Perhaps many people are not aware that food and seeds are now sprayed liberally multiple times in a growing season with horrific, deadly chemicals. How mind-controlled does humanity have to get before folks wake up to the fact that these malevolent corporations are poisoning our food supply?

So the hard questions need to be asked: Where do you stand on this issue? Is what I’m saying all a bunch of fear-mongering?

Health issues which I encountered over the years tell me I’m not imagining things. The toxic situation on our planet will likely get worse unless we wake up and take back our beautiful earth from the corporations and their bought-and-paid-for governments. It’s time to act!

What are you doing personally to reclaim our food supply and our planet? Let’s begin a dialogue.


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  1. Indeed, growing an organic garden is a beneficial solution. For things to change on the grocery shelves, we cannot wait on our current governments. One thing we can do right now is let our dollars speak to the food industry about what is and isn’t acceptable as food. When we buy organic, we allow our dollars to speak clearly about food requirements. Thanks for dropping by.


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